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Frequently Asked Questions

Q). What is a Certified Notary Signing Agent?

A). A Certified Notary Signing Agent is a government officer and public servant who serves as an impartial witness in taking acknowledgments and affirmations.

You cannot do loan docs without being a notary because there are many affidavits that need to be notarized as well as the Deed of Trust etc. As for being a Certified Signing Agent, it just means that we are trained with the NNA ( National Notary Association) and specialize in Loan Documents.

As a signing agent, we have the flexibility to accommodate the Borrowers' busy schedule, offering daytime, evening, weekend and even holiday appointments.

Q). What is a Loan Document Signing Agent?

A). Loan Document Signing Agent is a Notary Public who specializes in loan document signings. We are authorized to act on behalf of the title /escrow/ lender company to perform the signing portion of the loan transaction.

Q). What is a Win/Loss statement?

A). Used by individuals that file the long form on their income taxes. It is used to declare Winnings and Losses associated with gambling.

Q). What is an Jurat?

A). This is a statement by a person who has witnessed the signing of the document and swears or affirms that the statement is true.

Q). What is a Acknowledgment?

A). Notarial act in which a Notary certifies having positively identified a document signer who personally appeared before the Notary.

Q). What is an Attorney in Fact

A). Person who has been granted the authority to sign or act for another person - as an example, a spouse, parent or grandparent.

Q). What is an Affidavit?

A).Documents a sworn statement. Many types of Affidavits are Affidavit of Seller, Affidavit of Permission to Travel. Affidavit of Support Affidavit of Witness Return to work Affidavit.

Q). What is a Public Inspection as related to Notaries?

A).The right or privilege granted to members of the public to pursue the records of official acts contained in a Notary's journal.

Q). Does notarization mean that a document is legal or true?

A). No: Notaries are not responsible for the accuracy of the documents they notarize. The signers are responsible for the content of the documents.

Q). Can a Notary certify copies of birth or death certificates?

A). No: You have to contact the County Clerks office where the birth or death occurred.

Q). What are acceptable forms of identification?

A). Your ID must be current or have been issued within 5 years. An ID card or driver's license issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles, A passport or Military ID.

Q). What is an Automotive Vehicle transfer signing?

A).Using a notary defers fraud. We receive documents from the car dealer or lender. We meet with the buyer to identify them and secure their signature on the documents.

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